Talent Development

In Torre, we recognise that not only are employees a strategic part of our business, but we have an obligation to play our part to improve the economic conditions of the country. We strive to create a profitable, sustainable business that, through its activities, contributes to job creation and economic growth.

Part of our business acquisition strategy is to as far as possible preserve both the successful foundations of the businesses we acquire, as well as retain the employees and management that come with them. Our primary reasons for this are to create stability and ensure continuity of operations once incorporated into the Group.

Internal employee development is vital for the sustainability of the Group. The type of employee development depends on the employee’s potential growth within the business, as well as their own individual career aspirations. It is a priority for the Group to retain key skills and we strive to maintain a culture that embraces ambition and career growth.

Where possible, formal training is NQF aligned in an effort to assist employees to build credits for further qualifications. There has been specific focus on developing the internal pipeline strategy; part of which includes the plan for learnerships and apprenticeships to meet the need for future scarce and critical skills, specifically within the manufacturing and engineering environments.

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