Proposed Delisting of Torre and Cautionary Announcement

The Torre board (“Board”) has considered various options in order to achieve the Company’s strategic objectives, with a key objective being the improvement in Torre’s BEE ownership levels from c.29% to 51% (“Empowerment Requirement”). The Empowerment Requirement is a business imperative for Torre that is receiving the utmost attention and priority. enc=y7QnpUrGUsWNiq%2fteHzErqy%2f%2bNrBeiy%2bF7H9hQC4tvXigAY6td5yYu4jhIJgwY%2bioSU7t0fKpyWDfwdJkK69YcmD0jjVSGwukAa3cVD2%2bv64Pv5Ozpj58bPM1jLCZAC90Wl383eZscHlCoq%2f6o7iGsZh5yy7vQzS