Our Values

A key part of Torre’s value proposition is to build and retain a talented team that not only understand our products and brands but are also in touch with their markets and have the ability to deliver above expectation for our customers. Our working environment is energetic and fast-paced, and we rely heavily on the capability of our people to create the momentum to continue on our growth path.

Central to our success are the values by which we operate that define how we work:

Act with Integrity
Always do the right thing
Encourage Innovation
See possibilities, seek new opportunities, consider all options
Be solutions-driven for our customers
Continuously improve on ideas
Build Partnerships
Vibrant people
Achieving together, trusting each other
Create and sustain true partnerships
Involve Stakeholders
Communicate externally and internally
Protect the interest of all stakeholders and grow their wealth
Celebrate success
Always Deliver
Don’t be afraid to give it a go
Be open to opportunities
Results count. Make it happen.
Exceed expectations
Work smarter, not harder
Foster Leadership
Enable more leaders, not followers
Have a winning mentality
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